Japan is experiencing a histric tourism boom. Tourism in Japan has been given a major boost since Tokyo won it’s bit to host 2020 Olympic game. It looks like Japan is very attractive to foreign tourists. What about startup scene in Japan? Is it also attractive to foreign entrepreneurs? The startup scene in Japan has historically lagged behind the Silicon Valley or other startup emerging region. There are some back ground factors on this, but things are  changing now. Many talented people are joining start-ups, more money flowing in. 

Now Japan tries to lure foreign entrepreneurs by providing supports and incentives. It was announced that new one-year startup visa program will be launched in 2018. By introducing this startup visa, Japan is expecting to boost its competitiveness globally by coming up with a more welcoming environment to attract expertise from the US, Asia and Europe. There have never been a better time to start business in Japan. Are you ready?


JAPAN - Where tradition meets the future

By Japan National Tourism Organization

Business environment in tokyo

By Tokyo Metropolitan Government

JAPAN - Where tradition meets the future ver2

By Japan National Tourism Organization